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“Each and every nurse is a Florence Nightingale to change the face of nursing through our innovations to make the profession a greatest on the earth channelled through” - SAI RADICALS

  • We as the nurses deserve to be part of the incubation centre.
  • We have various opportunities for nurse innovators and entrepreneurs for their start-ups.
  • We can create lots of opportunities for countries economic growth and over all human well being through women empowerment.

Nursing stimulation lab. Focused motion vibration technology based chair- (PPG) Photoplethysmography. All in one digital devices to streamline the work flow. Robust and effective ambulance connector. Real time tracking within the hospital - Becon technology. Airflow controlling system technology. AR,VR,MR technology enabled education platform. Food sensor with PAI ( Personal activity indicators). Vision algorithms tech – Based on body 3D Movements. `


To make Nightingale Institute of Nursing Education a premiere center for excellence in undergraduate and post-graduate nursing education by focusing its attention on effective teaching and learning as the topmost priority. To take the right decisions in critical situations to provide quality care and utilize the advanced trends and technology in providing nursing health care. To train the students to become exemplary citizens by adhering to the code of nursing ethics and professional conduct in fulfilling personal, social and professional obligations to uphold the aspirations and aims of the Government of India.


To become a master in providing nursing education of universal reputation and raise our institution as a center that is renowned for excellence in nursing education, research, leadership, and community service, with a commitment to maintain quality and follow ethical policies stipulated for the nursing college. Nightingale Institute of Nursing Education has spread its wings to provide reliable nursing care to individuals, families, neighborhoods, and the community at large. Understanding the current health issues and other factors which affect the health of individuals and community groups, the college takes utmost care to provide suitable nursing services to the needy.


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